Marc Megna, CSCS – Personal Trainer/Sports Performance Coach

Marc Megna has evolved into the foremost strength and conditioning coach in Miami. The former NFL football player is certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association and has years of experience in this field. Megna works with a wide variety of clients, from celebrities, professional athletes and novices. Marc develops individualized training programs for his patrons, focusing on long-term goals and results. These objectives are achieved through creative design and unconventional programming. Marc is also a sponsored strength and conditioning coach for Iovate Health Sciences and endorses their Muscletech supplement line.

As a former professional athlete, Megna is an expert on proper training methods, working through injuries and attaining competitive goals. Megna played football at the University of Richmond (where he majored in sociology) and was a two-time All-American athlete. After college, the New York Jets drafted him in 1999. His gridiron career spanned several seasons in the NFL and CFL for the New York Jets, New England Patriots, Cincinnati Bengals and Montreal Alouettes. He was coached by NFL greats like Bill Parcels, Bill Belichick, Pete Carroll and Dick Lebeau.

After retiring from football, the Massachusetts native settled in Miami, where he began inspiring others with his demanding fitness regimens and, more importantly, the impressive results of notorious hard work. Megna trains clients from every walk of life, and can tailor a program for the most serious athlete to the motivated beginner. He writes about fitness, exercises, and training tips for Muscle & Fitness, Inside Fitness, Fitness RX, Train Magazine, Dr. Oz, and


From Last Picked to NFL and Fitness Great – This is my story

As a child, I wasn’t very athletic; let’s face it I was never picked to play on any teams. I was lazy, very out of shape and had the self-esteem of a wallflower. (Don’t believe me… look at THIS maybe a pic?)


One summer my grandfather took me to the local boys and girls club to teach me how to weight train. It was strange but I felt better after each training session, I was hooked on the feeling. The next summer I begged my mother for 1 thing as my birthday gift, a 1-year membership to the local gym.

To this day I will tell you that decision changed my whole life (way to go Mom!). From then on, fitness and health became a top priority. It became my ultimate escape. My freshman year in high school something happened and my body caught up to my work ethic. The rest is history. With my newfound confidence and athletic ability, I wanted to play every sport I could from football, Ice hockey to baseball. I loved to move and staying active. Eventually I focused on just one, football. I was offered a full scholarship to play ball at a great school and became a two-time All-American athlete. I ended up getting drafted by the New York Jets and played in the league for a few years. I was coached by NFL greats like Bill Parcels, Bill Belichick, Pete Carroll and Dick Lebeau. Toward the end of my pro career I was training with a group of teammates based on programs I had designed. One of my teammates turned to me and said you should be getting paid to do this. It was like the light bulb turned on. I thought, “I can continue to do something I love and get paid to do it! SWEET!” I went on to get certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association and evolved into the foremost strength and conditioning coach based in Miami. I have been fortunate enough to have trained and studied under some of the top strength coaches in the world like Mike Woicik, John Lott, and Pete Bommarito. From years of learning under their guidance, I am now a sponsored performance coach for Iovate Health Sciences and also endorse their Muscletech supplement line.

Why Marc Megna Fitness?

I am passionate about INSPIRING & EMPOWERING others to become their best. I can’t tell you how many times my clients have told me how hard it was to take that first step. I am here to make that transition as easy as possible. I will teach you about proper nutrition and customize a training program based on your goals and medical history.  I have done this for people from all walks of life. From pro athletes to a 10 year old determined fitness enthusiast. I’m not a drill instructor, I don’t scream, and I always keep my ego in check…most of the time (wink). With that being said, I do believe in motivating others to reach their full potential by developing individualized workout regimens, focusing on long-term and maintainable goals and results. Most importantly, I’m just like you. An ordinary guy who is trying to get a better body, make positive choices, while still having lots of fun doing it. I’ve always been obsessed with living optimally fit life. It began with strengthening my body, and sharpening my mind. I am here to help those that are on a quest to achieve the same. I will tell you that when dealing with people who have goals it’s my job to tell you want you NEED to hear. Not what you WANT to hear. I want YOU to get the body you always dreamed of in the healthiest way possible.

Why Read what I have to say?

My goals are to help people by bringing my experiences, knowledge, workouts, and good times to you in a daily blog. This blog is not for everyone and not everyone likes me. (I know shocking). I do my best on a daily basis but I have my moments. I make mistakes, fail often, and wish I could have certain moments back. That being said I still have more wins than losses. I can only promise to keep it real, keep it positive, and let the chips fall where they may. Relationships can only work when both sides give, so go ahead, join in and tell me what you think. Share your comments and your thoughts with everyone here. Let’s build a community of enthusiasts who believe in helping each other out.