I’m Marc Megna and welcome to the Megna Method. Here we are giving you the opportunity to gain access to everything I’ve ever learned in athletics, sports performance, strength and conditioning, and personal training. Everything I know is going to be in your hands.
Get ready to be in the best shape of your life.


Marc develops individualized workout regimens for patrons with premiere focus on long-term goals and measurable results. The program is constructed in true opposition to short-term goals he doesn’t believe are realistically attainable. These objectives are achieved through a unique combination of creative and unconventional programming, which embody the meaning of Megna Method.


"Marc is without a doubt the best trainer I have ever worked with. His knowledge and motivational skills are simply unrivaled. He has the strongest mental fortitude of anyone I have ever met and that drives me every day to be better, not only in the gym but in life as well."

Max Fink

"Marc has helped me accomplish my goals and produce results - continuously gaining lean muscle, reducing body fat and performing physically and mentally at a high level. Our training sessions are very challenging, yet fun - such a motivating way to start the day! On top of it, Marc is a true inspiration and brings out the best in me. It is an honor to be his client and friend."

Dan Turner

"It never ceases to amaze me how from the moment I walk in he can instinctively tell how I’m feeling and adapt training if needed. Marc’s training is always challenging and original."

Miriam Fink

"Marc’s knowledge, insight and experience in training both amateur and professional athletes enable him to individualize the training of his clients in ways that identify and address any weaknesses they may have while building on their strengths. Marc’s guidance has significantly improved my mobility, flexibility and core strength with creative and well-thought-out programs geared to my specific needs."

Rhianon Pedro

"As a professional athlete and trainer, Marc Megna has a very unique approach towards fitness, he has the ability of understanding body mechanics and human psychology."

Magali Bouckaert

"I have had the pleasure of having Marc Megna my trainer for over ten years. Selecting a trainer is extremely important on two levels the physical part and the mental motivational part. Marc works with you to achieve your goals and designs your training program according to your needs."

Eddie Owens

"Marc is the best fitness professional I have ever met. I have trained with him the last 7 years and have achieved amazing results. Marc has taught me the importance of consistent discipline with training and nutrition. More than just moving weights, Marc has coached me through injury, depression and personal loss. As I approach 40, I have never felt better. I am healthier and stronger both physically and mentally. I owe this all to Marc Megna. Thank you for being such a positive influence to my physical wellness and life."


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Achieving your personal fitness goals requires exceptional physical commitment, however it’s equally as much of a mental game. Increasing your fitness knowledge through continual learning will provide all of the beneficial tools necessary to healthily strengthen your body.


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Motivation paves the way for extraordinary success. Inspire yourself with what drives you.


The grind to accomplish your fitness goals in their entirety can be daunting, but that’s why we’re here to get you through that initial fear and achieve greatness. Contact us today to explore what Megna Method can offer you.